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22,000Pa Powerful Suction丨Deep Carpet Cleaning丨LDS Navigation丨Effortless Hair Cleanup丨Low noise 丨APP Control

UBPet V10: 22000Pa 10X Ultra Suction Power Robot Vacuum

Bird Identification | Live Streaming | Time-Lapse | Instant Notifications | Bird Friendly

Birddy Smart Bird House:

A Breakthrough in Avian Observation

For sharper, cleaner wiping. Achieve glass like never before with our front & rear CNT & graphene-boosted rectangular wipers.

CarbonFit – The Clear and Smart Rectangular Wiper Revolution

High-Speed, Wireless Flash Control, Timelapse, HDR, AI Suggestion, Geo-Tag, File Manager and more

LUMIONIX KOMET: Take Your Photography Above and Beyond

A CNC-machined Portable Titanium Multitool that combines a Bottle Opener, Tungsten Attack Head, Nail Puller, and Caliper.

TiSpanner: a Compact Titanium Multitool always within reach

510° Full View | 5K recording | 4G LTE | Live View | Dual lens real 360° | GPS Tracking | Night Vision | SOS Emergency & More

QROV : World First 510° Smart Dashcam for Car |Bike |Camping

Open-Ear Comfort | Not Bone Conduction | 360° Immersive Sound | Powerful Bass | IPX8 Waterproof | 15H Battery Life | Secure Fit

Oladance OWS Sports Earphones: Unleash Epic, Buzz-Free Sound

Experience the next evolution in drone technology - realistic flight, innovative design, & endless expandability.

X-Fly: The Drone Designed to Soar Like a Bird

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