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Suction as Dyson

Hairless carpet & Smart navigation


                        10X Ultra Suction Power
Cyclone Robot Vacuum

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                   10X Ultra Suction Power
Cyclone Robot Vacuum


Launching soon on

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Tired of Disappointing Vacuums?

Carpet Hair

Deep Cleaning

Struggles with Mites, Fine Dust

Tough to Clean Thoroughly

Hair Tangles

Handheld Vacuum

Fatiguing for Users

Hard to Tidy Up


22,000Pa Suction

Experience the cleaning revolution with UBPET V10's cutting-edge technology. Our 22000Pa Power Suction is an absolute game-changer, effortlessly capturing every speck of dust, pet fur, and debris. Say goodbye to dirt and hello to a spotless home, all thanks to UBPET V10's unparalleled cleaning power.

Key Competitive Advantages


Ultra-Powerful Suction

Cyclonic Dust Separation

Effortless Hair Cleanup

Carpet Cleaning

Pet Hair, Dust & Mites Removal

Navigates Various Carpets with Ease

Supports carpet heights under 18mm

Anti-Tangle Brushes

Smart Path Planning

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Compact Body

One-Touch Dustbin

LiDAR Navigation

Line Laser Sensors

Unrestricted Mobility

Washable HEPA

Low-noise Design


Cutting-Edge Cyclonic Design   Efficient Dust Separation  

Experience the extraordinary durability of our advanced cleaning technology. Our vacuum starts strong and maintains its powerful suction throughout the cleaning process. Unlike traditional vacuums that often require frequent filter changes, our innovative design effectively separates air from dust, reducing the need for frequent filter replacements. This not only saves you money but is also environmentally friendly, as you'll generate less waste. It's a cost-effective, eco-conscious choice for a cleaner and healthier home.

With its exceptional 22000Pa suction power, our robot vacuum effortlessly collects Coffee Grounds, Oats, Chocolate Chips, and Mixed Waste from a variety of surfaces, leaving no room for dirt or debris to escape its thorough cleaning, whether it's hardwood floors or carpets.

No Place for Dirt to Hide


Chocolate Chips

Coffee Grounds

Mixed Waste


Unmatched 22000Pa Suction Power and Smart Brush

Speed for Easy Carpet Cleaning and Pet Hair Pickup,

No Tangles!

The Best Robot Vacuum for Pet-Friendly Homes

Traditional vacuum cleaners often struggle with pet hair, as it tends to tangle around their brushes and filters, resulting in reduced cleaning efficiency. In contrast, UBPet V10, with its smart brush speed and ultra-strong suction, ensures a tangle-free pet hair cleaning experience.

You no longer need to manually clean your vacuum, as pet hair and debris are effortlessly handled.

UBPet V10 VS Traditional
Vacuum Cleaners

Tangle-Free Pet Hair 


Whisper-Quiet Cleaning at 58dB

Featuring a noise-reduction airflow design,

it minimizes high-frequency noise discomfort to

human ears, maintaining a maximum sound level of

under 60dB for a more pet-friendly environment.

With a narrow body measuring less than 300mm in width, our robot vacuum, in combination with its long bottom roller brush, can access and clean even the most hard-to-reach corners of your home with enhanced efficiency.

Compact yet Powerful

Worry-Free Cleaning

Convenient Cleaning

Smart ambient lighting around the dustbin indicates garbage storage status.

External circular dustbin can be easily accessed with one hand, making garbage disposal a mess-free experience.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Efficient Smart Navigation

Built-in Cliff Sensors

Precise Obstacle Avoidance

V10 is designed with a series of sensors, including LiDAR, Line-Laser Sensors, Cliff Detection Sensors, and Carpet Recognition Sensors, which help it navigate around obstacles seamlessly and handle challenging terrain effortlessly.

Smart Cleaning

Versatility for Different Scenarios